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"Since emerging from Socialism in 1989, Bulgaria has been developing as a tourist destination and has plenty to offer, from the ski resorts of the Balkan mountains
to the long, beach-lined coasts of the Black Sea" Read more...

"The stunning BlackSeaRama, Lighthouse Golf Resort and Thracian Cliffs make Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast well worth a visit"  Read more...


"Bulgaria is a fascinating blend of history, at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, a land cultivated since the dawn of civilization" Read more...


"BULGARIA, as a country, is a mosaic of rich historic and cultural traditions, culinary delights, recreational pursuits and natural beauties". Read more...


"Neuvěřitelně krásná a rozmanitá příroda, skvělé klima, dobré ceny, moře, hory, golf." Read more...


"Discover cape Kaliaka! Golf and natural beauty at Black Sea!" Read more...


"L’ambition des golfs du Cap Kaliakra est à la hauteur des falaises qui dominent la mer Noire" Read more...


 "So einen Golfkurs gibt es auf dem Planeten kein zwetes Mal" Read more...



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Bulgaria Named IAGTO's Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year 2012
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Thracian Cliffs is the Best Golf Resort in Europe for 2014
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Offers by Golf Courses


Cape Kaliakra - the Seacoast Signature Destination


Lighthouse Golf Course
* Lighthouse Hi-Res Gallery


BlackSeaRama Golf Course
* BlackSeaRama Hi-Res Gallery


Thracian Cliffs
* Thracian Cliffs Hi-Res Gallery


The Inland Destination


Pirin Golf & Country Club
* Pirin Golf Club Hi-Res Gallery


St.Sofia Golf Club and SPA
* St.Sofia Golf&SPA Hi-Res Gallery

Offers by Golf Hotels


Cape Kaliakra - the Seacoast Signature Destination


Thraian Cliffs Golf & Beach


Lighthouse Golf Resort - 5*


BlackSeaRama Golf Resort - 4*


Mistral (Balchik) - 4*


The Inland Destination


Pirin Golf and Country Club - 4*


Riu Pravets (Pravets) - 4*


Now accepting all major credit cards. VISA, MasterCard, Diners
Now accepting all major credit cards. VISA, MasterCard, Diners